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Meet Amber

A Transformational Approach to Landscape Design

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Like your interior style or fashion choices, your exterior space is an expression of who you are.

My goal is that when you walk outside, you have a feeling of integration;

the satisfaction that your space is an accurate reflection of your identity.

Ask yourself: What type of environment or landscape makes me feel the most alive?

What do I want to do in my outdoor space that will help me to thrive?

In your landscape design, you have the power to impact how you experience your life, both externally and internally.

Consider the needs of your inner self when choosing changes to your exterior design:

What needs to change in my exterior space to more accurately to reflect the person I am, or hope to be? 

Delivering a design that aligns with who you are and what you need to thrive is my passion. ​I would love to work with you.

P.S.-I have a B.A. in Environmental Studies with a focus on Agroecology and Sustainable Agriculture, extensive Landscape Design experience and coursework, and an M.S. in Organizational Psychology

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