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Kids in the Garden

Landscape Designed

Transform your uninspired

and dysfunctional yard

into a beautiful outdoor space you love to be in

Native and Low Water

Less Water, Less Work

Woman Walking in the Field

Stop wasting precious time inside

 With over 280 days of sunshine per year in Southern California, your outdoor space offers an opportunity to expand your everyday living space. Investment in a well-designed landscape means you can enjoy every square foot of your property. Whether that's extra play space for your kids, a peaceful nook to read in, a garden to grow your own food, or an area to entertain, Sidewalk Poppies will deliver a beautiful, functional landscape design that gets you outside.  

Couple Enjoying Outdoor

Custom not Cookie Cutter

A landscape that "feels like home" means that it was designed to perfectly fit your style and needs. You feel like you when you're in it. 

Gardening Together

Enjoyment not Frustration

How often have you wished your outdoor space looked or functioned differently? Now is the time to do something about it.

Happy Senior Couple

Beautiful not an Eyesore

Be proud of your home and yard. Feel the satisfaction of a beautiful, well-designed space.

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